I went to a really great workshop on February 9th. Here are the notes and some links that can be useful. I will send the booklet to the printer for us.

Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom Powerful Strategies for Creating Success for All Your Students (Grades 6-12)

Important Links:


Recommended Books:
'Disrupting Class' by Clayton Christensen '
The Co-Teaching Lesson Plan Book'
by Dieker

Digital Natives- they know how to gather information, but don't know what to do with it.
Digital Immigrants- Older generation. Those who did not use technology as much as our young students do.

Year 2014 - 25% online education
Year 2018- 50% online education
Virtual Schools- "Latin Virtual" class.-Credit for graduation
Porta Virtual Schools- H.S Diploma
Most kids spend 7 1/2 hours on line per day
Most of these kids are enganged because of unhappiness and do poor at school

Successful activities
Oral exams- over the phone

-Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
-Guided notes for classroom
-Inclusion is here to stay
-Public Education has new competition
-How to reach these digital learners?
-Emotional Behaviors Disorders "ED"
-Learning Disabilities
-Speech Recognition -Special Education teacher/ Learner Strategist : Good at:
  • Graphic organizers
  • Survey
  • Question
  • Read
  • Respond
  • Review
  • Closure
Different types of Co-Teaching

Alternative Teaching:
Whole group- Gen. Ed. Teacher
Small group- Special Ed. Teacher

Lead and Support: Paraphrasing: Cues to change places of instruction
Grading papers
Checking homework accuracy

Station Teaching: Group 1: Gen. Ed. Teacher
Group 2: Special Ed. Teacher
Group 3: Independent

Team Teaching: Multiple activities

Parallel Teaching:

Example of Co-Teaching

(5 min.) Anticipatory Set- Special Ed. Teacher
(15 mins.) New content- Gen. Ed. Teacher
(10 mins.) Guided practice- both
(20 mins.) Independent practice-both
(5 min.) Closure/Feedback- either

  • Extension zone
  • Review area
  • Independent work station

The Plan:
  • When do we plan?
  • How do we plan?
  • What do we plan?