Day 1 Presentation Topics Include:

Where do you begin?

How might a district organize their curriculum units?
Consider the 21st Century Learner
Develop Common Understandings
Promote the Development of 21st Century Skills
Connecting the Content with 21st Century Skills
Promote the Development of 21st Century Skills
Create a Student-Centered Learning Environment
Transitioning from a 20th century to 21st century classroom
Balance content with student engagement
Promote Student Responsibility For Learning
Classroom Application Documents
Reflect on Current Instructional Practice (21st Learning Continuum Matrix)

Determine the Targeted Content
Step 1 - Select Content
Step 2 - Unpack the CPIs
Step 3 - Develop a Unit Focus with Engagement in Mind
Step 4 - Develop Unit
Step 5 - Create Unit Learning Targets (Construct Authentic and Appropriate Assessment)
Step 6 - Design the Summative Assessment Plan the Assessment